Session 19

Adventures in Flat-ish-land

NB: everyone is actually present for a change!

After the Riftwarriors have dealt with the … vomit monster … Valaya rejoins the party and they head out for the last rift. Arriving at their destination, they look through the rift and see something akin to a throne-room: two lines of abstract shapes leading up a larger one, atop of which is Gregor! The PCs immediately pass through the rift to fight him, only to have these abstract shapes change into monsters, and a gas that pushes the PCs around, preventing them from striking directly at Gregor. The party kill Gregor before he can escape, but in vain as Gregor is able to open a rift and escape; the space around the party dissolves, and they find themselves in a strangely familiar library …


Lyntheweaver thatSeniorGuy

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