Session 20

And that, children, is why you don’t piss off goliaths.

The session begins with the Rift Warriors appearing in a small room opening out into a huge cavern, with green floating lights providing illumination. In the room are some books and scrolls, along with the familar Tantron statue … as well as Gregor! Confused as to where he is, he tries to run away, but Gorgon catches up with him and beheads him in one fell swoop! Suspecting that they are on some unseen part of Tantron, Brandis calls out to Sespanar, but gets no reply; opening his arcane senses, Brandis finds out that only the statue is radiating Tantron’s aura.

Examining the scrolls and scrolls in the room, the find that they are all written by Lavok; one in particular details all the Lavok has learned of She: at one point in time, She and Lavok were part of one entity, but they plane they inhabited was destroyed with only Tantron and Lavok surviving. Since then, She has worked tirelessly to collapse all the other planes in existence, while Tantron has tried its best to keep them intact. Ages ago, Tantron recruited eight adventurers, and together they were able to wield a set of mystical daggers that were able to trap She in a demi-plane. Lavok searched throughout his long life for one of these daggers, but was unable to track them down.

By asking the statue nicely, the PCs are able to travel back to Tantron where they rest. Upon waking, Brandis reads the book again, and learns that Lavok had a special place on one of the planes where he buried the rest on the party (in their former lives of course). He learns that Belreign had a scabbard which had some connection to the daggers. Eli goes to meditate, and uses his special sight to see a set of runes in the book; Æshan (with lots of help from Sespanar) is able to open a portal to the plane using ‘controls’ on Tantron’s ‘bridge’, and the party steps through.

Arriving at their destination, the party finds themselves in room with:

  • an altar, upon which is a newly presented tribute of food;
  • gems embedded into the walls of the room, laid out to depict the PCs in past life form; and
  • a group of green-skinned people worshipping the altar, who immediately prostrate themselves on the floor when they see Valaya

Eli points to the depictions of Belreign, and one of the aliens silently leads the party out of the room. They are lead through a maze of corridors, and find out that the settlement they are at is build around a canyon. They are led to the base of the canyon, where they find a large set of doors with a curiously shaped hole in it. Eli gets a flash of recollection, and tries to commune with his past self. Incredibly, he is able to rise up in the air, just as Belreign did, and bends the air to blow through the hole. This produces a loud sound; the doors open, and the party heads through. They follow a twisting corridor until they come to a broken bridge; however Valaya is able to reach into her past life and use her former powers of entropy to reverse the damage to the bridge. The pathway widens out, and soon the party finds their path blocked by a tree-like structure; Gorgon is able to use Artemis’ ability to command to force the structure to part.

Moving on, the party finds themselves being menaced by … something … moving underneath the sand; suddenly a giant maw appears appears and engulfs the PCs; a flock of Berenyengi soldiers also appears. They are soon defeated however, and the party marches on, only to find their way blocked by a wall of soft wood-like material. Upon the wall is engraved a set of five lines with circles inscribed on them; getting the hint, Æshan imagines that he is playing a lute as Jonathan Fivestrings once did; as he plays, bits of the wall seem to implode, and soon the way is clear … with the exception of a certain sphinx lying in their path!


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