Session 21

You know, he may be a bastard, but that Quin guy sure knows how to make an entrance.

The session begins with the party facing Rick the Sphinx, who is sitting on a dais in front of a door. The RWs learn that after Rick departed from the temple, a robed and skeletal figure (read Lavok) tasked Rick with guarding the tomb (a fact that Rick is not very happy with; he’d much rather be hosting pirate parties). As sphinxes are wont to do, he poses three questions to the PCs, which are readily answered, and a door opens behind the sphinx. He then poses three additional questions (which he doesn’t know the answer to) that he says Lavok gave to him, and will give hints to the party. The first is supposed to put the other two in context, and reads:
“I’m always in front of you, but never seen.”
The party comes up with the answer of the future, indicating the next two questions relate to the party’s future. Rick then poses:
“I have 10 eyes, 10 arms, 10 legs, 5 heads, and a short lifespan.”
Brandis very morbidly replies: the five Rift Warriors standing before Rick.
Rick then gives a long and complicated riddle, that the party thinks relates to castle they saw when they confronted the giant in the clouds. Seeing that Rick is very depressed about having to keep guarding things, they offer to let Rick accompany them back to Tantron; evidently someone is listening, as a portal opens up behind Rick, who steps through.

Moving on, the party comes to a room with no apparent exit (apart from the one they entered through); what it does have is a collection of runes on the far side. There are about thirty runes, but they appear to some in sets where those in the set have a minor differences. The PCs approach the runs, only to be teleported into some other place; the only thing they can sense or see is one of the runes on the wall. The Rift Warriors are not able to contact each other, with the exception of Brandis, who still has a connection to Werner. Recalling his own days as Rowan, sharing Idaho’s senses, Brandis is able to share the senses of not only Werner, but the rest of the party as well – this includes the runes that everyone is seeing. Brandis instructs Werner to touch each of the runes they see, and a door appears in the wall with the PCs popping back in.

Entering the room beyond, the Warriors see that they have arrived at their own tomb (kind of): five sarcophagi are placed around the room, and atop each of them is a small statue of one of the Rift Warrior’s past incarnations. There is a collection of webbing on the far side of the room however, and the party has barely gotten their bearings when a creature composed entirely of web emerges and attacks them! The party is in for a tough fight, with the creature being able to posses them on a regular basis, but with a few lucky hits in from Brandis, the Rift Warriors triumph! Æshan, Valaya and Eli go to open their respective tombs:

  • Æshan finds the bones of Jonathan Fivestrings, along with a very pitted lute
  • Valaya finds the body of her past self, wearing the robes similar to that of a Berenyengi High Priestess, with the difference of an elephant being embroidered on the robes!
  • Eli find a skeletal figure wrapped in orange robes; lying on top of Belreign is the scabbard the party has been looking for!

Before the party can claim the prize however, a beholder in the form of Lord Quinaximillion appears! Effortlessly stunning Eli and Brandis, Quin causes the scabbard and dagger to fly into two of his eyestalks; he sheathes the dagger, and when he draws it out again the dagger appears as if it had been newly forged, with red runes glowing along its length. Quin thanks the party for getting through all the puzzles, defeating the guardian and retrieving the scabbard, and proceeds to use the dagger to open a portal. He pauses momentarily to taunt the party, saying that if they really want the dagger, they can find him after they pass through ‘The Gambit’, before passing through the portal. The party is about to follow him through, when the shadowy figure of their past lives emerge from their tombs, and enter the bodies of their respective Rift Warrior! They feel a surge of power, and gain some of the abilities and powers of their past lives; thus empowered, they step through into a familiar-looking with rooms. A gargoyle is standing in one corner of the room, and the voice of Rick Mountain booms from it, welcoming their team to … the Gambit!


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