Session 22

Well here we are again/ It's always such a pleasure ...

NB: Ais is absent.

The adventure resumes with the party appearing in a very familiar room, with a very familiar stone gargoyle sitting in one corner. The (also familiar) voice of Rick Mountain booms out, welcoming the party and explaining that in the next ‘test chamber’, the party will have the task of arranging 8 very hungry zombies on a 8-by-8 grid such that none of the zombies are in a straight line (as they will eat each other). Moving through a portal to that room, the party attempts to solve the puzzle but fails miserably; the zombies then move to attack the Rift Warriors, but not before an eyestalk that appears to be lying on the ground zaps Valaya and teleports her away.

Moving into the next ‘waiting room’, Rick explains that the next test chamber has a series of turrets which shoot beams that can ‘destroy anything’ (Rick then goes on a tangent about a floating ball that wanted to create rooms with ridiculous amounts of turrets, and has to seek solace from Geoff). All the turrets will have to be destroyed in order for the party to progress to the next room.

In the test chamber, the party finds five extremely reflective shields, as well as three sets of red and blue eye-stalks; the blue eye-stalks shoot beams of cold energy, while the red one shoot out extreme heat. The room is arranged such that the party have to cautiously explore the corridors to encounter the turrets, and none of the turrets have LoE to each other. The Warriors soon realise however that they can use the shields provided to redirect the energy of turrets such that a red turret shoots a blue turret and vice-versa; doing so destroys both turrets. With only one slight hitch (where a portal is opened before all the turrets are destroyed; thinking that they have found a way out, Æshan walks through the portal only to be deposited right next to a red eye-stalk!) the PCs are soon victorious!

In the next antechamber, Rick informs the RWs that in the next test room, they will have to use their minds to marshall the power of the planes! Moving through, the party finds themselves in a room with pairs of small holes in the walls, a chute in the roof, and a painting of a portal on the far wall. No sooner has the party entered however, does blood start pouring in from the holes, and a pair of zombies drop into the room! The party eventually figures out that they can open an actual portal at the painting, but they have to contend with zombies dropping in, and the rising tide of blood that makes they zombies stronger!

Eventually however the Rift Warriors make it through to the next room, where they come face to eye-stalk with Quin himself! He and Valaya are in what appears to be a library; Quin is zapping Valaya with various beams (with her just managing to fend them off with her spells) to get her to reveal the location of a scroll in the library which holds She’s current location. The Rift Warriors then proceed to have their long-awaited fight with Quin! The fight ends with the party standing triumphantly over Quin (with all of them alive even!), who warns them that they still have no chance of succeeding against She; the great Quin is then no more, and Brandis retrieves the renewed Ankh Dagger, to take the fight to She …


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