Session 23

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The Final Session

The last session of the campaign starts with the Rift Warriors having at last defeated Lord Quin and retrieved the Ankh Dagger. Having been lead to believe that the location of She’s prison is somewhere in the room, the party searches it; they eventually find a series of paintings, apparently created by Rick Mountain. The first shows a stick figure holding up a much more exquisitely drawn dagger (the Ankh dagger); the second shows a great vortex of energy, imprisoned in a cage, the stick figure looking at the vortex with a heart drawn in its chest; the third has the vortex being freed from its cage, and last shows an elephant imprisoned in a cage with twice as many bars as the previous one. Underneath the paintings is series of runes, which the party recognises as those denoting the co-ordinates of a plane. Finally equipped with She’s location, the party uses a statue of Tantron that has suddenly appeared in the room to teleport back to Tantron proper.

The party heads back to Æshan’s ‘office’ and open a portal to She’s prison. Before they depart, however, the collect Tharabis and Lenith, as well as the prisoners the Warriors liberated from Bloodkiss, to help with the final fight. Somewhat surprisingly, Rick the Sphinx also agrees to fight, and even consents to giving Brandis a ride. Sespanar wishes them luck, declining to come along, saying that he still has a lot of letters (written by Æshan) to send from out. The makeshift army then departs through the portal, and arrives in …

A strange land; the ground is composed of some black substance, and balls of lightning illuminate the land. From where the army has arrived, they can see bridges of black wood crossing chasms, filled with strands of light, that seem to have no bottom. Further off in the distance, two platforms rise up from the ground, holding a series of portals at their apexes. Dominating the end of the area, however, is an enormous castle, currently cut-off by a raised wall of shimmering red energy that functions as a drawbridge.

The Rift Warriors and co. split off into 5 groups:

  • Brandis, Rick the Sphinx and Werner
  • Valaya, and two spellcasting drow
  • Eli and a group of 18 or so archers
  • Gorgon and the rest of the army
  • … and Æshan with Horatio
    Scattered throughout the approach to the castle are groups of Berenyengi, apparently lead by a woman wearing robes like Valaya; she has, fastened to her belt, a hammer composed of the same red energy as the drawbridge. The two armies converge, but no sooner has the battle begun when a mighty thunderclap shatters the sky, and the storm giant that Æshan befriended appears (having received letters from Æshan) and joins him.

The five groups soon vanquish the Berenyengi army, and the giant floats the Rift Warriors over to the drawbridge. Æshan takes the woman’s hammer and slams it against the bridge; it disappears and reforms in its horizontal position, allowing passage to the castle. However, more Berenyengi start pouring out of the portals; the giant says that he, along with rest of the army, will hold them off.

The party heads into the castle, eventually coming across an enormous, oval shaped stadium. The stadium is open to the sky, which is filled with a thunderstorm, preventing the party from hearing each other. Black pillars, about 10 feet high, are arranged in a grid, and two sets of portal are located at each end of the stadium. The party starts to cross, only to be stopped by She’s most devoted servant, Rick Mountain, who is finally revealed to be a draco-lich, with eight crystals orbiting his head! The Rift Warriors join one of their toughest fights yet, which is compounded by the arrival of Geoff, in the form of a giant insect! Despite the odds, the party slays Rick, whose body crumbles to dust (except for a knuckle, to be kept by Gorgon of course); the crystals fly off into a portal, and Geoff tunnels underground, never to be seen again.

After the battle, Valaya relates to the party that when she was struck by Rick she suddenly saw the vortex in front of her. Exiting the stadium, the Warriors come into a nearly featureless room; featureless, except for a giant statue of Valaya. In the room, Valaya flashes several times to the vortex; investigating, both Eli and Brandis both sense the vortex inside Valaya, and the party realises that Valaya holds the pathway to She! Brandis stabs Valaya with the Ankh Dagger, and the party (minus Valaya) finds themselves in a nearly featureless grey realm; the warriors now have ethereal forms, with silvery cords attached to them, and leading back along a pathway. Looking forward, they see two more silvery forms standing against a giant vortex; the first, which does not have a silvery cord, is revealed to be Lavok; the second is Valaya, who is struggling under the might of She. The Warriors bolster Valya, and unite to face She; an unknown amount of time passes, but together they make ground towards She, forcing the vortex to contract and shrink. Eventually it is no larger than the size of a small stone, and the party is able to encircle it and contain it.

The party wake up in their bodies back in the room; the statue has changed however, now consisting of the six most recent incarnations of the Rift Warriors, being supported by their immediate past lives and many others. Outside, the war has evidently turned in the party’s favour; the army enters a portal back to Tantron, the remains of the Berenyengi having fled. In the room, a statue of Tantron has appeared, its trunk raised in victory. The party heads back to Tantron …

and this story has ended; Tantron, however, is eternal, and its story will continue past the end of time itself …


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