Session 13
And though you fight to stay alive/Your Body starts to shiv - OH GOD THEY CAN GET BACK UP
  • the party arrives at Carrow’s Hamlet; though the portal appears to have appeared in the same place, it Carrow’s Hamlet appears to have grown outwards (implying that quite a bit of time has passed)
  • the party comes up to a house that has had all of its windows boarded up; knocking on the door, the party is led inside by a halfling women; inside is a male halfling and their two children
  • the women says that the town has been plagued by some sort of nightmarish, undead creatures that have invaded; the town was completely unprepared for the attack
  • after looking at Gorgon and Valaya, the family recognises the adventurers .. soon however a loud moaning sound is heard outside, and a mob of undead halflings attacks the house
  • the family runs to the top floor of the house, followed by Eli and Werner, while the rest of the party stays downstairs; unfortunately four zombies climb up to the second floor; even more unfortunately, the zombies are able to get back up after they’ve been filled (only once though)
  • eventually (though Natalia nearly dies) the party is victorious, and the family is saved
Session 12
I’m not crying, I just have something in both my eyes

aka Passing of the Torch
aka Graduation Indeed
aka What? Gregor a traitor? What a pity, I guess that means we have to kill him. Oh well.

  • the adventure resumes with party being re-united in the ‘elephant dining room’; Cerama, Gregor and Lavok met up with Belreign after they went though the ‘pool room’; they had similar experiences to the party, including having a rememberance of their past lives: Cerama and Lavok remember being at the wizard academy, and leaving it after avoiding being included in a plot by other students; Belreign remembers being lenient on a scavenger that had been stealing from her; Gregor does not mention what he remembered
  • and passing through another portal; up ahead, they hear the voice of the cloner arguing with the squeaky voice; the cloner appears to be getting progressively more angry at the squeaky voice
  • the party enters a room, and sees that the cloner (with three copies) facing down none other than Sespanar (who is sitting upon a statue of an elephant which the party has seen in Tantron)
  • the party tries to sneak up on the cloners, but is thwarted by Sespanar; the party fights the cloners, who appear to have the ‘ankh dagger’; using this, the cloners are able to teleport about the room, and also trap members of the party inside the dagger
  • despite Jonny 5 nearly dying, the party vanquishes the cloner and turns to talk to Sespanar; during the conversation we learn that:
    • the party is actually at Tantron
    • Tantron is both a place and a purpose; not exactly clear what that is, but
    • Tantron is diametrically opposed to She, which is a being of similar power
    • the party had been seeking Tantron
    • Tantron appears to be older than time itself, some elemental force of the universe
    • Tantron had been waiting for the party
    • Sespanar is some sort of manifestation of Tantron; it also demonstrates that it also only has the form of the imp by briefly transforming into a minotaur-like creature
    • She also has an equivalent of Sespanar
  • the party soon ‘wakes up’ in Tantron in the ‘present’ day; Brandis discovers that he can converse with Werner now, and Æshan is alive!
  • we quickly learn however that Lavok was not responsible for bring back Æshan; though Lavok tried to bring him back, Lavok theorises that Æshan’s soul went through the portal the Quin escaped through, and so could not be brought back
  • the party convenes, and many things are uncovered:
    • Lavok theorises that Tantron sent brough Æshan back, and also sent the party visions of their past life
    • Lavok tell the party that She is the embodiment of pure chaos, and wants nothing more than to unmake all the planes; she is working through the Berenyengi to accomplish this
    • after Lavok and Cerama left the academy, they eventually encountered Artemis who had become aware of the Berenyengi
    • picking up the other members of the party, they fought the Berenyengi on many planes, eventually encountering Tantron
    • the party continued to fight the party, but one by one the party members fell; notably, Valaya was killed by Gregor, who turned out to be working for the Berenyengi all along
    • when Lavok was the only one left, he retreated to Tantron to continue the fight as best he could; he worked on extending his life, and this worked to the extent that eventually he didn’t need to breath anymore
    • Lavok has had a few battles with Gregor; Lavok is not certain, but Gregor could still be alive and working for the Berenyengi
    • the time that passed between the party dying in their original bodies and being re-incarnated is not measured so much in years, as in civilisations
    • it appear that the party were born on the planes they died on (in their past lives), and Tantron resurrected them
    • as She is an opposite to Tantron, it is impossible to fight her directly; instead, the only course of action is to fight the Berenyengi (fortunately, She appears to not be able to fight directly)
    • noting that Brandis now has the ankh dagger, he suggests that they contact Rick the Sphinx on how to get it working again
    • Lavok mentions that the Berenyengi have/are about to invade Carrow’s Hamlet, where the party (minus Brandis) fought The Baron!
  • soon however, Lavok says that his time has come, and he must move on; Tantron opens a portal to his home plane, and he steps through, momentarily resuming his more human form before his body fades into dust (accompanied by some excellently sad music)
  • the party goes to talk to Tharabis and Lenith, to find out that there had been an altercation between the 3 groups of refugees (the drow, the non-humanoids and humanoids) that the RW recovered from Bloodkiss; the party promotes Lenith to sergeant and gets him training the 3 groups after Tantron clears some space
  • the party then heads through the portal to Carrow’s Hamlet, to face the Berenyengi once again …
Session 11
I wonder if elephants are afraid of marmosets ...

Note: Tash and Chris absent

  • the campaign resumes with the party having successfully crossed the trapped room; they eventually come to a room with a large pool of water, and a body of the ‘cloner’ lying in the pool; the far end of the room has some writing on it, though the party cannot make it out from where they are
  • there is no other entrance to the room, and Valaya is able to tell that the pool has magic of conjuration and enchantment cast upon it
  • eventually Rowan steps into the water, and is then able to make out the writing on the wall; it poses the question “How can you tell if there’s an elephant in the room?”
  • also immediately, the party is attacked by frogs that appear in the water
  • eventually, the party figures out that they can just give an answer to the question (any will do); each member of the party sinks into the water, and then has the experience of touching an object in the darkness: Artemis feels a long hard curved object, Valaya touches a wrinked piece of material, Rowan feels an object like a paint brush, and Jonny 5 gets poked by something wet
  • the party then appears in another corridor, without Belreigh; they walk into a large room with a couple of jade statues of snakes; there is also a large black pillar-like structure in the middle of the room
  • seeing no obvious danger (i.e. no-one to fight), the party moves into an adjoining room; unfortunately while the party is moving down a corridor, iron bars shoot up from the ground and into the ceiling, splitting the party with Artemis and Jonny 5 in the old room, and Valaya and Rowan in the new room
  • in the new room there is also two statues, a pillar, and also another body of the cloner
  • the statues come to life and attack the party, the pillars are also revealed to be covered in shadow slimes, which also attack the party
  • eventually, and despite being separated, the party is eventually able to defeat their foes, and Valaya is able to break through the iron bars; however, being exhausted the party rests and regains their energy
  • after the rest, the party comes across a purple portal; going through the portal, each of the RW experiences a memory from earlier on in their past life:
    • Jonny 5 remembers encountering a thief, and stealing a large amount of money from a baron who was mistreating his vasals; when asked about the theft, Jonny comments that it was just
    • Artemis remembers his time as a general, dealing with a soldier who behaved cowardly in battle; Artemis denounce the actions of the soldier and insists that he can no longer fight with him; the soldier is sent away
    • Rowan remembers a time when he was at a trial being held by his order; a man is being accused of stealing a chicken from his neighbour, and after the testimony of each person, the head of the order nods to Rowan (who is standing to the right of the head), and Rowan promptly beheads the thief
    • Valaya remembers a much more recent incident, in which she loosed a demon horde on the Rift Warriors (in their past lives); unfortunately for her, the party defeats both the demons and Valaya, and just as she is about to be killed, Lavok spares her, saying that she does not know what she does
  • the party emerges in the present (ish) into a very small room; the walls of the room each have four small holes in them; looking through them reveals rooms very much like the one they are in; the party van also hear sounds of animals and moaning, and a faint breeze is emanating from the side of the room opposite to the one the party entered by
  • Artemis discovers that one can swivel the walls the lifting them via the holes; doing this the party moves forward
  • looking through to the next room, the party sees a large white lion; the lion quickly catches sight of them though, and appears to phase in to the room to its left
  • the party tries to move into the room vacated by lion, but is ambushed midway between moving and is unfortunately split up again, this time with Artemis and Rowan in one room, and Valaya and Jonny 5 in the other; 4 lions appear and attack the party
  • though Valaya and J5 fall unconscious several times during the battle, eventually the party triumphs and the lions are defeated
  • the party leaves the rooms, but not before encountering another body of the cloner, this one having been ripped apart by the lions
  • the party enters another portal and is joined by Lavok, Belreign, Cerama and Gregor
  • together they come across a curious scene: a large and exquisitely furnished dining room, with oversized furniture; 6 elephants are dressed in tunics and seated at a table
  • the elephants are having a vehement discussion where each of them touched a different shape, and are trying to convince the others that what they experienced is the actual being
  • the party then hears a high, squeaky and familiar voice enquiring as to how the party got here; the voice then tells the party that what they seek lies in another portal across the room, which the party steps in to …
Session 10
Get (your blood) off me you damn dirty ape!

Note: Tash absent

  • Party proceeds on from the poison gas trap room into a corridor, running into Lavok and Gregor (who have been led on a merry chase by Duplicate Man); they keep proceeding through a warren of corridors (with Lavok and Cerama putting runes onto the wall)
  • corridor becomes hotter and more humid, and we see vines that have burrowed through the rock
  • vines become more frequent, party then comes to a magical field which leads to a ‘duplicate’ of the world; field is harmful to pass through, so Lavok, Cerama and Gregor manage to create a small rift through it, allowing the party to pass through (though L, S & G have to remain on the other side)
  • party comes to a room with a raised dais with some sort of hound on it, plus 3 spider each near a statue (blue giraffe, green owl, purple gazelle); Jonny 5 tries to ride the dog, with limited success; party eventually defeats all the enemies
  • party then proceeds through another warren of corridors, this time guarded by primal spirits of birds, panthers and some sea-faring creature; the panther (presumably) desires food, the birds desire to feel the currents that make them soar, and the sea creature desires water to swim in
  • after getting attacked by the first panther, the party learns to appease them with meat
  • party also gets attacked by apes at certain points in the corridors
  • Belreign creates thermals for the birds to soar in, and the party pours out water for the sea creature
  • party then comes into a large room, with sandstone tiles on the floor and ceiling; the ceiling is also covered with a mural of animals gathered around the watering hole
  • Belreign, after floating out into the air, unfortunately lands on a tile that explodes; he lands on an adjacent tile that seeps out orange fluid
  • the party travels throughout the room, discovers more explosive tiles, as well as tiles that ooze green and red fluid – they eventually find out that the room resembles the game of Magical-trap Sweeper, and cross safely (more or less) to the other side …
Session 9
See, this is why no-one likes halflings
  • the campaign resumes with the party having taken their fallen teammate back to Tantron; after a brief discussion Lavok takes Æshan into a quiet area (after demonstrating the ability to have Tantron create new rooms within itself) to try and bring him back to life
  • one by one, the party retires to rest and they fall into a fitful sleep, where they all have to same dream of getting up, and walking to the place where portals typically appear
  • despite there not being a portal, each one of the party walks to and through the corresponding place in the wall … meanwhile, Lavok is sitting crosslegged with Æshan’s body; lights begin to envelop the room, and one light heads to the portal room and disappears into the wall …
  • the Rift Warriors all ‘wake up’ in the middle of a forest – but they are not in their own bodies, as they are apparently reliving/remembering (?) their past lives:
    • Æshan Valandier is Jonathan Fivestring, a bard (whose character is rather unchanged from Æshan …)
    • Brandis is Rowan Kensei, a Sword Saint with an avian companion called Idaho
    • Eli is Belreign the Quiet, a blind man with the power to manipulate the air
    • Gorgon is Artemis, a valiant war hero
    • Natalia is Samara, who we learn is in a relationship with Lavok
    • Valaya is … Valaya
  • also with the RW is Lavok (as he was when he was human) and a halfling called Gregor (who does nothing to improve any-one’s impressions of halflings)
  • after quite a few moments of confusion, Eli/Belreign informs everyone that they are experiencing their past lives; additionally, Valaya was/is one of the Berenyengi, being a high priestess of She (some being who is generally bad news); however Valaya has turned against the Berenyengi and is helping the party & co to fight them … somehow
  • the party heads through the woods and comes across a graveyard and church; a group of Berenyengi are there digging up graves, lead by a huge being made of webs, searching for something to do with an elephant …
  • after trying to cosy up to the Berenyengi, as they still seem to recognise Valaya’s high position of authority, Gregor ruins the surprise by attacking early
  • party eventually triumphs, and heads into the church; Gregor keeps prodding Valaya to get on with it, and after Brandis/Rowan reminding hey, Valaya says the chant that she remembered in the temple from the previous adventure
  • runes appear on an altar, and a portal opens up to another place …
  • the party & co appears in a large room, with a Berenyengi who appears to have the ability to split himself; this person (?) says that we weren’t expecting the party, and he splits into two people which head down separate corridors to ‘prepare’
  • Lavok and Gregor chase down one person, and the party heads down the other; in the following room the person opens up portal, and 3 winged creatures appear and fight the party, while the Berenyengi hurries on
  • after defeating the creatures, the party is trapped in another room, with poison gas flooding in, some sort of magical force field blocking the two exits and a spirit of a dead dragon attacking and possessing Æshan
  • after a long, long time the party kills the dragon spirit, stops the gas flooding the room and breaks through one of the force fields, and moves on …
Session 8
Death is in the Eyes of the Beholder
  • session resumes with the party still in the ‘sphinx’ room, party moves down the previously blocked corridor
  • runes tell more of the civilisation’s decline: they sealed the area where the portals used to be, and assigned guardians to watch it; come to some runes that Valaya can’t decipher, but make her feel uneasy
  • party comes to a room with little of note besides a door with (slightly magical) runes that say “If you are wise, you will not pass”
  • naturally the party enters, and comes to the another door with another set of runs: “For the sake of those above, do not go below”
  • again the party enters, and they come to a large room with a movable floor (which is trapped, and can immobilise the party), and two brass golems!
  • after a vicious fight, the RW are triumphant and the golems have collapsed into little balls (Gorgon claims one)
  • a group of Berenyengi (cultists and slaves) arrives to harass the party, but quickly leave so that “the party can die in the depths”
  • party continues on, and faces a set of levers with the numbers 3, 2 and 4 above them; solution is in the classic sphinx’s riddle (indeed, when puzzle is solved the light momentarily goes out and reveals runes that say “The sphinx knows how to pass”)
  • the party then enters another room, with one terrified cultist … and one beholder!
  • Behaving very courteously, the beholder, Lord Quinaximillion invites the party to sit down (on chairs he creates); Brandis tries to bluff Quin, which fails spectacularly as Quin already knows that the party has killed Cortez
  • during the conversation, in which Quin dominates the cultists, he:
  • inquires about Brandis’ source of power
  • inquires about Valaya’s name; when she reveals it, Quin has a moment of recognition, but dismisses it saying that Valaya couldn’t be the same woman
  • insinuates that Lavok is in fact not the one in charge of the party
  • says that the party’s efforts to save the various planes will come to naught, as “She will be here soon”
  • Quin offers the party a chance to walk out, but the party does not take it, leading to one of its most deadly fights yet – Eli dies, but Valaya is able to bring him back, giving him a purple scar on his left hand
  • Unfortunately, Æshan also dies from the effects of the Quin’s abilities (though he gives an epic death speech)
  • the party also fails to kill Quin, as he escapes through a portal to a place with a sea of fire
  • the party finds an inactive portal, which Brandis further sabotages; they also find a bunch of Berenyengi, who also retreat through a portal
  • the party then heads back out through the temple, finding that the mysterious blue device has vamished, and the town in chaos as all the blue collars have detached and fallen of the thralls
  • the party exits the city, meets up with Lenith, and heads back to Tantron, with one fallen colleague …
Session 7
Sympathy for the Skeleton
  • party enters a room with many corridors branching out
  • corridors have (at first) pictograms (which Valaya is able to read) detailing the history of the civilisation that created the temple: used to be a primitive civilisation, then a more advanced civilisation opened a portal to their world and gave them advanced science & technology, including a ceremonial dagger that they used to open portals to other worlds. Civilisation used dagger to open portals to many worlds, including one they really shouldn’t have. After much conflict, they managed to close the portal, and instructed a guardian to protect the dagger and prevent anyone from using it (note that pictograms eventually evolve into a proper alphabet). The civilisation then entered into a golden age, and the guardian became a cultural center-point, with celebrations being held every year in its name. The guardian was reportedly very fond of children, and vice-versa.
  • party comes to sleeping quarters, attempts unsuccessfully to collar some of the sleeping Berenyengi and manages to bluff their way out
  • enter kitchen, after managing to get some of the Berenyengi out with the promise of drugs, we collar the rest; unfortunately we find out that the collars aren’t working as well as they do outside the temple for some reason; Brandis also finds out that now removing collars kills the slaves
  • also unfortunately, we have raised the suspicions of some of the Berenyengi; after going through a storeroom we end up fighting, though the Berenyengi run off to warn the others
  • party heads down, goes through a ‘puzzle’ door (which the party quickly deciphers), get down to an altar; (upon going back to inspect the altar, which is actually a new altar bolted on top of an older one) Valaya is able do decipher the runes on it (despite not knowing the language) and know that it represents a chant; she also gets a very unsettling but familiar feeling, and the word ‘She’ pops into her head
  • puzzle door shuts behind party
  • moving on, party encounter a blowing blue pyramid set into the floor, which is obviously responsible for the slaves’ collars; Brandis is unable to divine anything about it, Gorgon’s and Æshan’s weapons pass straight through it, as does Brandis’ eldritch bolt (though thankfully one can physically interact with the device without anything bad happening); however slaves’ collars seem to magnetically attach themselves to the device, and nothing the party can do can separate them
  • moving on, the party comes to a wide open room, populated by a sphinx sitting on a chest, as well as two giant skeletal beings; this is sphinx is the aforementioned guardian, as is rather unimpressed with the party (as well as Cortez); one doorway out of the room is blocked by some kind of arcane trap, so the party heads out the only other exit …
  • to encounter Cortez himself! Cortez is performing some sort of experiment on two slaves who are laying on a stone tablet; about a dozen other slaves are being help in a cage; Gorgon and Æshan promptly charge Cortez, who promptly teleports to the other side of the room and sets the slaves on the party
  • the Rift Warriors triumph, after Cortez demonstrates his mastery of teleportation and portals, and Valaya demonstrates her disregard for slaves’ lives; the arcane traps guarding the doors disappear
  • the party drags Cortez’s body back to the Sphinx, whose opinion of the party improves; party finds out that Sphinx’s name is Rick (or at least that’s the name it gives); Rick used to enjoy the children riddling him until the children stopped coming, also Cortez was trying to figure out a way to teleport Rick out of the room, Rick was supposed to stop anyone using the dagger
  • after answering two out of three riddles, Rick allows the party access to the chest and disappears through a portal to an unknown destination
  • Brandis opens the chest to find the dagger, which is shaped like an Egyptian ankh; dagger appears to be inactive, but has ‘the potential for magic’
Session 6
  • after getting the slaves quartered, the questioning of Lavok begins; we find out that
    • Eli’s name was Bellreign
    • Æshan’s name was Fivestring
    • Natalia’s name was Cerama
    • apparently weren’t chosen by Lavok; we choose to help him
  • unfortunately, soon have to rush off to stop the Berenyengi again; Valaya has been undercover in the city of Azcapitzalco Teremal, where the enemy has been been building portals (again!)
  • party portals to Teremal, soon comes across a group of escaped slaves, and a Berenyengi (and his not-so-escaped thralls) that was sent to look for them
  • escaped slaves … escape, party subdues controller and his thralls
  • Brandis manages to get a look at collars, which are different to the ones used by Bloodkiss; these one glow bright blue, and saps the subject’s willpower; additionally he figures out how to detach them AND attune them to him
  • party questions one of the slaves, Lenith; doesn’t know much about what the Berenyengi are up to, just that they’re doing something in the temple, which is in the middle of the river and separated from the main part of the city; after Brandis removes Lenith’s collar, he agrees to help the party
  • party wakes up the other slaves, who promptly get run away from the party
  • party wakes up Berenyengi, questions him using one of the collars; find out:
    • a list of planes that the Berenyengi are creating portals to
    • leader of the Berenyengi here is called Cortez, who is actually alive
    • confirm that portals are being created in the temple (underground)
  • after questioning the Berenyengi, he is decapitated by Lenith
  • party infiltrates city by dressing up as a combination of Berenyengi and thralls; Lenith stays outside
  • using Valaya’s information, party meets up with a slave named Hurkon, who tells the party that some other slaves are planning to revolt; party uses this information to have the slaves rebel in the morning, after Brandis frees some of them
  • in the morning, party uses the slave’s distraction to pull the guards off the bridge leading to the temple, and after some epic bluffing by Æshan manages to get some of the Berenyengi in the temple out AND gets one of the to prevent anyone else from heading down
  • party heads down into the temple …
Session 5
Hey Mummy, I'm all better now!

Note: Aisling is away

  • Party returns from Silverglail, on the plane of Penril after successfully slicing Nana in half and bringing her remains to Tantron to hopefully cure Brandis, find that he is already up and walking
  • Æshan is being a wuss wrt food, has a fat imp
  • mission: the Berenyengi have set up a pocket dimension as a beachhead into several other planes; Lavok will bring Tantron “in contact” with this dimension in order for the Rift Warriors to hop over and stop them
  • Lavok has an ally, Tharabis the Vrylocka, who has infiltrated the Berenyengi and will be able to help
  • Berenyengi have set up a magical device that cancels out most of RW’s powers, should destroy that first before facing the leader (who is very powerful)
  • Lavok can only keep Tantron in contact with the pocket dimension for three hours – clock is ticking
  • Party appears in pocket plane, discovers Berenyengi are using thralls that are enslaved by red glowing collars that are sucking up their life energy
  • Berenyengi controllers have black cloaks with symbol over breast
  • after a few fights (including a very dicey encounter where Æshan fails spectacularly to bluff the Berenyengi and allows them to get close to us, and one where we have to rescue Eli after he uses his invisibility armour to get himself dying) eventually meet with Tharabis (after some spelunking by Eli), who is guarding aforementioned magical device (big red floating sphere)
  • with Tharabis’ council, are able to destroy device and head to where the local leader of the Berenyengi is
  • come face to face with Bloodkiss, a mummy, who is very confused as to why his thralls have suddenly regained their freedom (happened when we destroyed magical device)
  • over the course of the adventure, Eli has visions that reveal all of us in a past life knew each other, as well as Lavok and Bloodkiss when they were alive – Bloodkiss confirms that he knew Lavok, and says that Lavok strayed from his group’s purpose; Eli has a vision of all of the RW and Lavok facing down Bloodkiss (and killing him?)
  • back in the present, Bloodkiss has killed all of the slaves that were in his vicinity and commences a fight with the RW
  • after our victory, plane starts to disintegrate – party splits in two to find Tharabis and to get any loot; find around 20 slaves that were hiding; Lavok brings everyone back to Tantron, and readies himself for questioning …
Session 4
Adventures on the plane of Bessen

Some info on the town that the party, who have begun calling themselves Rift Warriors, were sent to close another tear in the fabric of the planes. They eventually discovered that the tear was concealed below the waters of a nearby lake and so had to devise a way of surviving underwater!

Carow’s Hamlet
is a hafling village in the Bessen plane. It is a quite, pleasant village that houses some brilliant artists and an otherwise very supportive community.

  • Population: 250 haflings and 8-12 people of other races. The town is particular about what outsiders are allowed to live within its boundaries but, once welcomed, a member of a race other than hafling becomes an accepted member of the community and a brother or sister to the little people. This privilege allows them to build or buy a house and vote in local politics, if the individual so wishes.
  • Government: mostly communist. It is considered an honour to hold a formal position and those who do are respected for their community work. For matters of importance to the community, all who want to vote, regardless of age or other personal characteristic, come together and have a chance to be heard and pass their vote on in a council. Such decisions are then carried out by the officials or town guard.
  • Defence: the Hamlet is policed and protected by a volunteer force known as the Blue Cloaks. When old enough to apply for a trade, most citizens of Carrow’s Hamlet first do a tour as a Blue Cloak while other citizens become life-long part-time members. A handful of citizens are full time members of the Blue Cloaks and make up the governing body. About 10 Blue Cloaks will be on at any one time, but more than 100 residents consider themselves members of the force.
  • Industry: primarily, Carrow’s Hamlet is known for its craft work. The city has a variety of master artisans and crafters who are renowned in the region and beyond as creating the most beautiful and functional of furniture and sculpture. There is enough farming done within the township to support the inhabitants, but income from selling the crafts is spent on increasing the variety of food available to the residents and buying other essential supplies.
  • Religion: the people of Carrow’s primarily worship Brighid, daughter of The Daghda and goddess of crafts and smithing. There is a small but well furnished shrine to the Dagdha, chief of their gods, and a larger and more opulent shrine to Brighid.

A devious ghost who haunted the mansion in which the players found the below ritual which allowed them to get below the lake near Carrow’s Hamlet:
Animating spirit

How the party got to breathe underwater comfortably:

The Baron! Who was the final boss under the lake near Carrow’s Hamlet and almost totally wiped the party out…
The baron

After having defeated The Baron! and closed the rift under the lake, the party were returned to Silvergrail and began again their hunt for Nana and the return of their lost travelling companion! They confronted the Three Little Wereboars and almost caught Nana before she escaped on the back of a green dragon:

Fortunately, the party followed the dragon and Nana to the clouds and ended her awful curse on Brandis in an amazing fight. Here is Jack’s Gaint (of the beanstalk fame) who the party cleverly tricked into helping them defeat Nana to rescue their companion Brandis! With his help, it was a great victory!

Now the party is just about to return through the portal to Tantron and their awakened friend and fellow warrior, Brandis.


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