Session 3
A conversation between two hunters

Hannah’s email:

Gorgon enters your sickroom carrying a burlap sack with a bloodstain on it, looks at your sweat streaked face and increasingly feeble body. He shakes his head in disgust.
“Curses are a cowards way to kill people. You can be strong in battle, take many lives and some slimy werewolf lands one touch and you end up writhing in bed for weeks. I hate cowards!”
Gorgon looks around your room and sees the Werner, displacer beast, lying dejectedly in the corner.
“You fought bravely as well, beast. I brought you something from our battles. Brave warriors need to be well fed.”
Out of the burlap sack, Gorgon withdraws two rats tails, each over a meter long and ten centimetres in diameter at the base. He throws them to the dejected Werner and slides down the wall to sit next to him.
“Let me tell you about how I got these…
We arrived back in Silvergrail to try to track down Nanna; you know the coward werewolf who left your master in this state. There was no definite sign of her in the city but there were some notices on the town notice board that reeked of her; children missing from the town. There were four notices on the board: A class of children vanished from the school yard, a young girl missing; known for her remarkable hair, a beautiful young girl missing to be returned to her loving step mother and the daughter of the mayor stolen away to a castle.
First we went to investigate the school yard as if was our only real lead. There was a pathetic hysterical school teacher there who couldn’t tell us anything useful. What kind of school teacher loses a whole class of children and has no idea how and well?
We found the racks of the children in the school yard and with the guidance of the weird vegetarian elf Eli. We left the town and marched out into the forest. Past the mewling neglectful parents who were searching for their children in the very fringes of the woods.
Eventually we found ourselves outside a house in the middle of the woods and as we snuck towards it; Valaya gave the game away. Before we could fully approach the house a woman appeared on the deck to ask us whether we had the towns’ payment for the rat removal services that she had provided. We quickly realised that she had taken the children in placement of the town’s payment. After that it was only moments before we were in the thick of battle.
The woman on the balcony drew a pipe from her pocket and played a tune on it; producing three enormous rats which attacked our party relentlessly. On top of this the piper used a magic from her pipe to make it hard for us to see our enemies and she kept Eli blind to stop him from shooting her. After a tough battle we completely overwhelmed her trussed her up like a turkey to take back to the towns’ justice. Before we left I cut the tails of the giant ferocious rats that had attacked us. The biggest of the tails went into my collection and the other two I saved for you. Eli took he pipers’ Dusky Armour as his trophy and can now turn invisible.
We took the piper witch back to the town who had the gall to set her free and commission her to remove the rats from a different part of town. Some idiots can’t be helped. I’m sure you know that. Though I was pretty unhappy with the people of the town for their stupidity we had to keep looking for Nanna so we took on the next notice on the board. We went after the girl who’s step mother was searching for her. Apparently she was last seen in the company of dwarves. We trekked back into the forest (there’s a lot of stuff going on in there) until we found a house with a tiny little door. We snuck up to peer in the windows and spotted the dwarves. After some inspection we knocked and spoke to a number of dwarves. They were reluctant to talk to use but we discovered that they were having some pest problems in the mine and that their lady friend was stuck in there. Aeshan and Valaya managed to convince some of the dwarves that we were exterminators and they hired us to wipe out the spiders in their mine.
The mine spiders were particularly tricky and nastily poisonous (usually I disapprove of poison but when it is in a magical beast it just makes me want to kill them more). There were 6 Bloodweb Spiders and 3 Bloodweb Swarms. The fully gown spiders were a breeze but the swarms were surprisingly potent. Eventually though we overcame them and (after I took some fangs from the spiders as trophies) we freed the girl. Aeshan, womaniser that he is, tried to seduce the pretty girl. He made a complete fool of himself but she seemed to find this endearing and before the end of the day had passed on to him an amulet of seduction, which should help him next time.
The girl gave use her name, Snow White, and told us her story. She had been rescued from her evil step mother by the dwarves. She begged us not to talk her back to her step mother (as if we would condone the kind of behaviour that kills defenceless children; where’s the challenge in that). We took her back to the dwarves and were handsomely rewarded for our services. Despite our successes we were feeling a bit disheartened because we hadn’t seen a sign of Nanna yet. We went back into the town and checked on the notice board again.
A new sign was posted there telling of a boy who had seen a wolf! We tracked this boy down and found him in the field. His story wasn’t very convincing but there were some wolfish looking tracks where he said they would be. I was a bit suspicious about these; they didn’t seem natural to me but we followed them anyway. It turned out we were being lured into a trap! The weakling wizard that we took Horatio (Aeshan’s imp)was in the process of setting a trap for us. There was a beautiful young woman with him who seemed very bored with him. Eli tried out his new armour by sneaking over and taking the sword from the woman. Foolish elf didn’t realise that he would become visible as soon as he took it! The battle begun. Despite his obvious weakness the mage proved to be tough competition. Aeshan and I spent a lot of time shackled to the roof by rock and we might have been in some trouble if it weren’t for Valaya’s resourcefulness. She managed to convince the woman to stop fighting us on the grounds that we would take her out to dinner. We had almost destroyed the mage when he fled (showing his true colours). We will get him for that at a later date. We went back to town to take the woman to dinner and rest for the night before tracking down another task that might take us closer to finding Nanna. The woman seemed to be very interested in Valaya and as a parting gift gave her a headdress of disguise which will let her disguise her appearance as that of another, similarly sized humanoid.
In the morning we set out to investigate a suspicious looking tower that we had seen in the woods; thinking that one of tasks on the notice board might be referring to it. We approached the tower and found that there was a woman in it with hair that cascaded all the way down to the ground. As we approached to talk to her the air shuddered with the arrival of the most awesome beast imaginable. A green dragon! As soon as I saw it I knew I must take it as a trophy. We fought hard to subdue it and rescue the girl but again we were thwarted! As we bloodied it and I was trying to decide whether to take its head of its’ talons or its’ wings it decided to leave. It told us that ‘she’ would have to find someone else to do this work and left. Talk about frustrating! A dragon talon would look terrifying on my belt! And no real sign of Nanna; even if the dragon was talking about her we still know nothing! At least we rescued the girl. We took her back to her parents who were so grateful that they gifted us with a bag of holding. This could be useful in the future; at the moment I am forbidden to carry my trophies in it but I will convince the others in time.
So I am sorry to say your master will be like this a while longer. I will bring you some more wild meat soon to keep you going. The hungry, the underfed and the unprepared fall in battle. You should learn from our experiences.”

Gorgon patted Werner on the head and left the room.

Session 2
An entry in the Chronicles of Æshan Valandier

Mortified at the loss of our party member, the team set off to track down and kill the were-grandma that struck him.
After searching the town for news, we found out some children had been taken, and we headed out to find them. On the way I found a young imp, and have signed him on to help me write the volume 2 of the chronicles of Æshan Valandier. Eli had a premonition, which he gets some times, after looking at a wanted poster of a strange room filled with snow in the woods, and was able to lead the way.

Following his directions we came across a large cabin made of Candy!!
After examining the house, went inside only to find Nana Wolf running down the stairs to cast a deadly spell. On the table, little jelly snakes and frogs suddenly came to life and struck. We took them out but one of us (Me) suffered heavy damage.
It also became clear that a magic spellcaster was something our group was seriously lacking. Must heal that wolfbite!

We then headed upstairs just in time to see Nana grab two children out of a cage and then whoosh, she hopped into a fireplace a dissapeared. However as she left, more jelly creatures came to life, including a Gelatinous Cube! We defeated them but that gelatinous cude was a real bastard. I think 3 of us were dying at some point, I died more then once. (turns out I’m too good a defender, every hit goes my way). We healed up and hopped into the fire.

This took us one floor up into what looked like some sort of baking oven. There was a conveyer belt that we moved along, and periodically there were cooking ovens that would send you to another part of the map, and do some damage too. The room used to bake cookie gargoyles but now some had come to life!
This encounter went a little better, nobody died, and we were able to use the ovens to our advantage, getting the enemy burned while being ok ourselves.

By the end of this encounter, my 14 healing surges were down to 1 and everyone else had suffered some damage too. Fortunately we had a ritual that allows us to split healing surges, so I took some of Aislings so that I didn’t permanently die next round.

Then we found out how to turn off the oven, and climbed up one of the heating vents. This took us to the next level where we found Nana and the kids. The room was the same one Eli had a vision of, but it wasn’t snow, it was icing sugar. Nana cast one last spell and leapt out the window leaving us with the children … and a monster slowly forming out of the icing sugar.

This last guy was quite hard. it was a solo, that a first looked like a tiger, but then, as we did more damage, the sugar changed shape and a new creature burst forth (dealing “sugar” typed damage). After one final blow, the beast exploded! And we found our way out and returned the children home.

Session 1
Beginnings and Endings … and beginnings
  • in a galaxy far, far away, misfortune falls upon five adventurers, who all die in various circumstances:
    • Æshan Valandier, a elven battlemind human knight, who has rather a big opinion of himself
    • Brandis, a half-elf warlock who has a displacer beast called Werner
    • Eli, a elf ranger who found himself with a mysterious crescent moon on his forehead which lead to his demise
    • Gorgon, a Goliath slayer with a penchant for taking trophies of his kills
    • Valaya, a deva Ardent cleric who swims in the deep end of the alignment pool
  • all are resurrected by the mysterious being called Lavok, a lich, who lives in the plane called Tantron along with his imp Sespanar
  • Lavok has resurrected the party so that they can help him close down rifts that have been appearing in various planes; he also sends them to help the noble family of Finch (?)
  • after entering a portal to the plane of Penril and entering the city of Silvergrale, the party agree to help the Finches recover their daughter, who has gone into a forbidding forest to look for her grandmother
  • after entering the forest, the party comes across a cottage in the middle of a clearing; the cottage belongs to Nana, who after welcoming the party in transforms into a werewolf
  • party fights of Nana, who retreats after biting Brandis
  • after exiting the cottage, the party is then attacked by the daughter, who is quite magically gifted herself (which she demonstrates by controlling the huntsman who had been accompanying her, and raising a dead bear the huntsman has killed)
  • after defeating the daughter, the party heads towards an old temple were a group of cultists appear via a portal
  • after the defeating the cultists and closing the rift, the party deposits the daughter back with her family; unfortunately Brandis also succumbs to the bite Nana gave to him and collapses into a coma

After several adventures the party is joined by Cerama, who also has business with Nana


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