Session 10

Get (your blood) off me you damn dirty ape!

Note: Tash absent

  • Party proceeds on from the poison gas trap room into a corridor, running into Lavok and Gregor (who have been led on a merry chase by Duplicate Man); they keep proceeding through a warren of corridors (with Lavok and Cerama putting runes onto the wall)
  • corridor becomes hotter and more humid, and we see vines that have burrowed through the rock
  • vines become more frequent, party then comes to a magical field which leads to a ‘duplicate’ of the world; field is harmful to pass through, so Lavok, Cerama and Gregor manage to create a small rift through it, allowing the party to pass through (though L, S & G have to remain on the other side)
  • party comes to a room with a raised dais with some sort of hound on it, plus 3 spider each near a statue (blue giraffe, green owl, purple gazelle); Jonny 5 tries to ride the dog, with limited success; party eventually defeats all the enemies
  • party then proceeds through another warren of corridors, this time guarded by primal spirits of birds, panthers and some sea-faring creature; the panther (presumably) desires food, the birds desire to feel the currents that make them soar, and the sea creature desires water to swim in
  • after getting attacked by the first panther, the party learns to appease them with meat
  • party also gets attacked by apes at certain points in the corridors
  • Belreign creates thermals for the birds to soar in, and the party pours out water for the sea creature
  • party then comes into a large room, with sandstone tiles on the floor and ceiling; the ceiling is also covered with a mural of animals gathered around the watering hole
  • Belreign, after floating out into the air, unfortunately lands on a tile that explodes; he lands on an adjacent tile that seeps out orange fluid
  • the party travels throughout the room, discovers more explosive tiles, as well as tiles that ooze green and red fluid – they eventually find out that the room resembles the game of Magical-trap Sweeper, and cross safely (more or less) to the other side …


Lyntheweaver thatSeniorGuy

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