Session 11

I wonder if elephants are afraid of marmosets ...

Note: Tash and Chris absent

  • the campaign resumes with the party having successfully crossed the trapped room; they eventually come to a room with a large pool of water, and a body of the ‘cloner’ lying in the pool; the far end of the room has some writing on it, though the party cannot make it out from where they are
  • there is no other entrance to the room, and Valaya is able to tell that the pool has magic of conjuration and enchantment cast upon it
  • eventually Rowan steps into the water, and is then able to make out the writing on the wall; it poses the question “How can you tell if there’s an elephant in the room?”
  • also immediately, the party is attacked by frogs that appear in the water
  • eventually, the party figures out that they can just give an answer to the question (any will do); each member of the party sinks into the water, and then has the experience of touching an object in the darkness: Artemis feels a long hard curved object, Valaya touches a wrinked piece of material, Rowan feels an object like a paint brush, and Jonny 5 gets poked by something wet
  • the party then appears in another corridor, without Belreigh; they walk into a large room with a couple of jade statues of snakes; there is also a large black pillar-like structure in the middle of the room
  • seeing no obvious danger (i.e. no-one to fight), the party moves into an adjoining room; unfortunately while the party is moving down a corridor, iron bars shoot up from the ground and into the ceiling, splitting the party with Artemis and Jonny 5 in the old room, and Valaya and Rowan in the new room
  • in the new room there is also two statues, a pillar, and also another body of the cloner
  • the statues come to life and attack the party, the pillars are also revealed to be covered in shadow slimes, which also attack the party
  • eventually, and despite being separated, the party is eventually able to defeat their foes, and Valaya is able to break through the iron bars; however, being exhausted the party rests and regains their energy
  • after the rest, the party comes across a purple portal; going through the portal, each of the RW experiences a memory from earlier on in their past life:
    • Jonny 5 remembers encountering a thief, and stealing a large amount of money from a baron who was mistreating his vasals; when asked about the theft, Jonny comments that it was just
    • Artemis remembers his time as a general, dealing with a soldier who behaved cowardly in battle; Artemis denounce the actions of the soldier and insists that he can no longer fight with him; the soldier is sent away
    • Rowan remembers a time when he was at a trial being held by his order; a man is being accused of stealing a chicken from his neighbour, and after the testimony of each person, the head of the order nods to Rowan (who is standing to the right of the head), and Rowan promptly beheads the thief
    • Valaya remembers a much more recent incident, in which she loosed a demon horde on the Rift Warriors (in their past lives); unfortunately for her, the party defeats both the demons and Valaya, and just as she is about to be killed, Lavok spares her, saying that she does not know what she does
  • the party emerges in the present (ish) into a very small room; the walls of the room each have four small holes in them; looking through them reveals rooms very much like the one they are in; the party van also hear sounds of animals and moaning, and a faint breeze is emanating from the side of the room opposite to the one the party entered by
  • Artemis discovers that one can swivel the walls the lifting them via the holes; doing this the party moves forward
  • looking through to the next room, the party sees a large white lion; the lion quickly catches sight of them though, and appears to phase in to the room to its left
  • the party tries to move into the room vacated by lion, but is ambushed midway between moving and is unfortunately split up again, this time with Artemis and Rowan in one room, and Valaya and Jonny 5 in the other; 4 lions appear and attack the party
  • though Valaya and J5 fall unconscious several times during the battle, eventually the party triumphs and the lions are defeated
  • the party leaves the rooms, but not before encountering another body of the cloner, this one having been ripped apart by the lions
  • the party enters another portal and is joined by Lavok, Belreign, Cerama and Gregor
  • together they come across a curious scene: a large and exquisitely furnished dining room, with oversized furniture; 6 elephants are dressed in tunics and seated at a table
  • the elephants are having a vehement discussion where each of them touched a different shape, and are trying to convince the others that what they experienced is the actual being
  • the party then hears a high, squeaky and familiar voice enquiring as to how the party got here; the voice then tells the party that what they seek lies in another portal across the room, which the party steps in to …


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