Session 12

I’m not crying, I just have something in both my eyes

aka Passing of the Torch
aka Graduation Indeed
aka What? Gregor a traitor? What a pity, I guess that means we have to kill him. Oh well.

  • the adventure resumes with party being re-united in the ‘elephant dining room’; Cerama, Gregor and Lavok met up with Belreign after they went though the ‘pool room’; they had similar experiences to the party, including having a rememberance of their past lives: Cerama and Lavok remember being at the wizard academy, and leaving it after avoiding being included in a plot by other students; Belreign remembers being lenient on a scavenger that had been stealing from her; Gregor does not mention what he remembered
  • and passing through another portal; up ahead, they hear the voice of the cloner arguing with the squeaky voice; the cloner appears to be getting progressively more angry at the squeaky voice
  • the party enters a room, and sees that the cloner (with three copies) facing down none other than Sespanar (who is sitting upon a statue of an elephant which the party has seen in Tantron)
  • the party tries to sneak up on the cloners, but is thwarted by Sespanar; the party fights the cloners, who appear to have the ‘ankh dagger’; using this, the cloners are able to teleport about the room, and also trap members of the party inside the dagger
  • despite Jonny 5 nearly dying, the party vanquishes the cloner and turns to talk to Sespanar; during the conversation we learn that:
    • the party is actually at Tantron
    • Tantron is both a place and a purpose; not exactly clear what that is, but
    • Tantron is diametrically opposed to She, which is a being of similar power
    • the party had been seeking Tantron
    • Tantron appears to be older than time itself, some elemental force of the universe
    • Tantron had been waiting for the party
    • Sespanar is some sort of manifestation of Tantron; it also demonstrates that it also only has the form of the imp by briefly transforming into a minotaur-like creature
    • She also has an equivalent of Sespanar
  • the party soon ‘wakes up’ in Tantron in the ‘present’ day; Brandis discovers that he can converse with Werner now, and Æshan is alive!
  • we quickly learn however that Lavok was not responsible for bring back Æshan; though Lavok tried to bring him back, Lavok theorises that Æshan’s soul went through the portal the Quin escaped through, and so could not be brought back
  • the party convenes, and many things are uncovered:
    • Lavok theorises that Tantron sent brough Æshan back, and also sent the party visions of their past life
    • Lavok tell the party that She is the embodiment of pure chaos, and wants nothing more than to unmake all the planes; she is working through the Berenyengi to accomplish this
    • after Lavok and Cerama left the academy, they eventually encountered Artemis who had become aware of the Berenyengi
    • picking up the other members of the party, they fought the Berenyengi on many planes, eventually encountering Tantron
    • the party continued to fight the party, but one by one the party members fell; notably, Valaya was killed by Gregor, who turned out to be working for the Berenyengi all along
    • when Lavok was the only one left, he retreated to Tantron to continue the fight as best he could; he worked on extending his life, and this worked to the extent that eventually he didn’t need to breath anymore
    • Lavok has had a few battles with Gregor; Lavok is not certain, but Gregor could still be alive and working for the Berenyengi
    • the time that passed between the party dying in their original bodies and being re-incarnated is not measured so much in years, as in civilisations
    • it appear that the party were born on the planes they died on (in their past lives), and Tantron resurrected them
    • as She is an opposite to Tantron, it is impossible to fight her directly; instead, the only course of action is to fight the Berenyengi (fortunately, She appears to not be able to fight directly)
    • noting that Brandis now has the ankh dagger, he suggests that they contact Rick the Sphinx on how to get it working again
    • Lavok mentions that the Berenyengi have/are about to invade Carrow’s Hamlet, where the party (minus Brandis) fought The Baron!
  • soon however, Lavok says that his time has come, and he must move on; Tantron opens a portal to his home plane, and he steps through, momentarily resuming his more human form before his body fades into dust (accompanied by some excellently sad music)
  • the party goes to talk to Tharabis and Lenith, to find out that there had been an altercation between the 3 groups of refugees (the drow, the non-humanoids and humanoids) that the RW recovered from Bloodkiss; the party promotes Lenith to sergeant and gets him training the 3 groups after Tantron clears some space
  • the party then heads through the portal to Carrow’s Hamlet, to face the Berenyengi once again …


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