Session 13

And though you fight to stay alive/Your Body starts to shiv - OH GOD THEY CAN GET BACK UP

  • the party arrives at Carrow’s Hamlet; though the portal appears to have appeared in the same place, it Carrow’s Hamlet appears to have grown outwards (implying that quite a bit of time has passed)
  • the party comes up to a house that has had all of its windows boarded up; knocking on the door, the party is led inside by a halfling women; inside is a male halfling and their two children
  • the women says that the town has been plagued by some sort of nightmarish, undead creatures that have invaded; the town was completely unprepared for the attack
  • after looking at Gorgon and Valaya, the family recognises the adventurers .. soon however a loud moaning sound is heard outside, and a mob of undead halflings attacks the house
  • the family runs to the top floor of the house, followed by Eli and Werner, while the rest of the party stays downstairs; unfortunately four zombies climb up to the second floor; even more unfortunately, the zombies are able to get back up after they’ve been filled (only once though)
  • eventually (though Natalia nearly dies) the party is victorious, and the family is saved


Lyntheweaver thatSeniorGuy

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