Session 14

Never split the party

aka: So I think the real take-away here is that this was all Æshan’s fault. All of it. Also, Werner is awesome and is going to be getting steak and tuna as soon as his master has a heartbeat again.

Note: Ais, Chris and Tash absent.

  • the adventure resumes with the party having faced off a zombie horde and saving the halfling family; family is justifiably worried about staying in the house, so Eli, Natalia and Valaya offer to escort the family back to the portal through to Tantron
  • the wife mentions that there might be some Blue Cloaks left in guardhouses around the city; other POIs are the Temple to Brighid, and a wizard’s abode
  • after a brief discussion, Æshan, Brandis, Gorgon, Horatio and Werner head to the city and the streets; hearing the ghouls and zombies around them, they try to use Horatio as a distraction by having him carry a light on a string and fly above the rooftops; unfortunately this plan backfires drastically as Horatio is pulled down and ripped apart by the undead.
  • Æshan refuses abandon his companion, and rushes into to save him (i.e. get enough body mass for a resurrection) defying Gorgon’s attempts to restrain him
  • in a tense and vicious battle with the undead, Æshan manages to get some … remains … of Horatio, and the heroes nearly make their escape … however Gorgon is overpowered by a mob of zombies; Brandis and Æshan are forced to run for their lives (you’d think that Æshan would have learned his lesson, but Brandis is forced to convince him that sometimes discretion is the better part of valour)
  • after spending a sleepless night holed up in an abandoned house, the heroes (that are still alive) return to where Gorgon fell; they come across a group of undead licking a big blood stain that smells of Gorgon, though there are no remains
  • Werner tracks Gorgon’s scent, and soon the party comes to the Temple of Brighid, which is ominously in a very dilapidated state; they also come across a group of undead … and ZOMBIE GORGON!!!!!!!
  • though the heroes fight valiantly, Brandis also falls to the zombie horde, and Æshan makes a ‘strategic retreat’; against all odds however, Werner is able to ‘single-tentacledly’ defeat the undead (including Gorgon)
  • with no options left, Werner, carrying the body of his master; and Æshan, carrying Gorgon’s body and the remains of his imp; head back to the portal to Tantron, knowing that the forces have She have consumed the plane of Bessen …


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