Session 15

This was a triumph. I’m writing a note here, HUGE SUCCESS. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

Note: Ais is absent.

  • the campaign resumes with Æshan and Werner, dragging the bodies of Gorgon and Brandis and the goop of Horatio, meeting with the rest of the party near the portal to Tantron; Valaya is able to (very gruesomely) bring Gorgon back to life, but is unable to do anything for Brandis
  • back in Tantron, Sespanar suggests that the party contacts Malak, a djin that has aided the party before, in order to help the dead party members
  • the party summons Malak, and attempts to bargain for two Scrolls of Resurrection; Malak drives a hard bargain however, and relieves Æshan of nearly all of his magic items, including his hammer (Æshan is able to procure a non-magical version from a dwarf in the RW’s private army however)
  • while healers tend to Gorgon, Valaya starts to study the scrolls; the rest of the party heads off to their respective bedrooms, where they start to dream …
  • … and wake up in their past lives again, in the middle of an attempt to infiltrate a Berenyengi training facility
  • the party is greeted by the bombastic voice of Rick Mountain, the manager of the facility, coming from the statue of a stone gargoyle
  • Rick reveals that the facility is used to train acolytes in the use of the ‘Portal Knife’ (i.e. the Ankh Dagger) which is being held by Cerama; the first challenge the party faces is to travel through a series of rooms with portals on the walls, using the dagger, while never going through the same room twice (the penalty for this is shocking!). Rick also mentions that if the party doesn’t solve the challenge within 5 minutes, he will release a green dragon on them
  • despite a couple of shocks, the party eventually gets through the challenge and through to the next one
  • in this room, Rick says that the party will face its worse fears; Rick also expresses his frustration with a ‘floating ball’
  • in the room, the party faces … THE BARON! However, the Rift Warriors are soon triumphant.
  • in the final room, Rick says that the party will face a former ally that has been charmed against them; so naturally they face the storm giant that Æshan charmed into fighting with them on the hunt for Nana
  • in a bloody fight that nearly kills the party, the storm giant is eventually defeated
  • Rick says that they will face a written exam, sans dragons (to Rick’s disappointment) however the party blacks out …


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