Session 16

Dammit, I hate when a scene begins in medias res

NB: Ais is absent (and Tash is no longer in the campaign)

  • the campaign resumes quite a while after the last session; after everyone in the party was revived, the Riftwarriors continued on their mission of opposing the forces of She; they have managed to close 14 rifts, and stopped a demon queen who was in the process of collapsing three planes into one
  • during this escapade, they learned that the Berenyengi were in process of … something … on the old familiar plane of Silvergrale; they learn where the Berenyengi operative is and go to question him
  • they soon spot a mysterious cloaked figure, and immediately give chase; during the pursuit, they note that the stranger has too many legs to be a humanoid
  • eventually the party catches up to the stranger, which is revealed to be some sort of half spider/half human monster; after a fierce fight, the PCs are eventually able to subdue it
  • the party tries to question the monster, but thinking that their investigation is not producing any results, they decide to let the monster go and follow it; unfortunately they forget that it can turn itself invisible, and during the ensuing fight they are forced to kill it; with its dying words, the monster suggests that the party ‘go to the hills’
  • the party does indeed go to the hills, and unsurprisingly is ambushed by three Berenyengi, though they are eventually defeated


Lyntheweaver thatSeniorGuy

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