Session 17

Well, you don't know what/We can see/Why don't you tell your dreams to me/Fantasy will set you free

NB: Alex is absent

  • Valaya returns from monitoring things on Tantron, and switches places with Brandis
  • party goes to old temple (the one they were originally at during their first visit to Silvergrale), and again seals a rift there; during the fight the obtain a flying carpet of the Berenyengi
  • they find another rift, and swoop into it to seal all the rifts from the other side
  • during their fights in this plane, they encounter Gregor, who recognises them the party for who they truly are; Gregor warns them that they cannot succeed against She; Gregor escapes before the party can deal with him though


Lyntheweaver thatSeniorGuy

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