Session 5

Hey Mummy, I'm all better now!

Note: Aisling is away

  • Party returns from Silverglail, on the plane of Penril after successfully slicing Nana in half and bringing her remains to Tantron to hopefully cure Brandis, find that he is already up and walking
  • Æshan is being a wuss wrt food, has a fat imp
  • mission: the Berenyengi have set up a pocket dimension as a beachhead into several other planes; Lavok will bring Tantron “in contact” with this dimension in order for the Rift Warriors to hop over and stop them
  • Lavok has an ally, Tharabis the Vrylocka, who has infiltrated the Berenyengi and will be able to help
  • Berenyengi have set up a magical device that cancels out most of RW’s powers, should destroy that first before facing the leader (who is very powerful)
  • Lavok can only keep Tantron in contact with the pocket dimension for three hours – clock is ticking
  • Party appears in pocket plane, discovers Berenyengi are using thralls that are enslaved by red glowing collars that are sucking up their life energy
  • Berenyengi controllers have black cloaks with symbol over breast
  • after a few fights (including a very dicey encounter where Æshan fails spectacularly to bluff the Berenyengi and allows them to get close to us, and one where we have to rescue Eli after he uses his invisibility armour to get himself dying) eventually meet with Tharabis (after some spelunking by Eli), who is guarding aforementioned magical device (big red floating sphere)
  • with Tharabis’ council, are able to destroy device and head to where the local leader of the Berenyengi is
  • come face to face with Bloodkiss, a mummy, who is very confused as to why his thralls have suddenly regained their freedom (happened when we destroyed magical device)
  • over the course of the adventure, Eli has visions that reveal all of us in a past life knew each other, as well as Lavok and Bloodkiss when they were alive – Bloodkiss confirms that he knew Lavok, and says that Lavok strayed from his group’s purpose; Eli has a vision of all of the RW and Lavok facing down Bloodkiss (and killing him?)
  • back in the present, Bloodkiss has killed all of the slaves that were in his vicinity and commences a fight with the RW
  • after our victory, plane starts to disintegrate – party splits in two to find Tharabis and to get any loot; find around 20 slaves that were hiding; Lavok brings everyone back to Tantron, and readies himself for questioning …


Lyntheweaver thatSeniorGuy

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