Session 6


  • after getting the slaves quartered, the questioning of Lavok begins; we find out that
    • Eli’s name was Bellreign
    • Æshan’s name was Fivestring
    • Natalia’s name was Cerama
    • apparently weren’t chosen by Lavok; we choose to help him
  • unfortunately, soon have to rush off to stop the Berenyengi again; Valaya has been undercover in the city of Azcapitzalco Teremal, where the enemy has been been building portals (again!)
  • party portals to Teremal, soon comes across a group of escaped slaves, and a Berenyengi (and his not-so-escaped thralls) that was sent to look for them
  • escaped slaves … escape, party subdues controller and his thralls
  • Brandis manages to get a look at collars, which are different to the ones used by Bloodkiss; these one glow bright blue, and saps the subject’s willpower; additionally he figures out how to detach them AND attune them to him
  • party questions one of the slaves, Lenith; doesn’t know much about what the Berenyengi are up to, just that they’re doing something in the temple, which is in the middle of the river and separated from the main part of the city; after Brandis removes Lenith’s collar, he agrees to help the party
  • party wakes up the other slaves, who promptly get run away from the party
  • party wakes up Berenyengi, questions him using one of the collars; find out:
    • a list of planes that the Berenyengi are creating portals to
    • leader of the Berenyengi here is called Cortez, who is actually alive
    • confirm that portals are being created in the temple (underground)
  • after questioning the Berenyengi, he is decapitated by Lenith
  • party infiltrates city by dressing up as a combination of Berenyengi and thralls; Lenith stays outside
  • using Valaya’s information, party meets up with a slave named Hurkon, who tells the party that some other slaves are planning to revolt; party uses this information to have the slaves rebel in the morning, after Brandis frees some of them
  • in the morning, party uses the slave’s distraction to pull the guards off the bridge leading to the temple, and after some epic bluffing by Æshan manages to get some of the Berenyengi in the temple out AND gets one of the to prevent anyone else from heading down
  • party heads down into the temple …


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