Session 7

Sympathy for the Skeleton

  • party enters a room with many corridors branching out
  • corridors have (at first) pictograms (which Valaya is able to read) detailing the history of the civilisation that created the temple: used to be a primitive civilisation, then a more advanced civilisation opened a portal to their world and gave them advanced science & technology, including a ceremonial dagger that they used to open portals to other worlds. Civilisation used dagger to open portals to many worlds, including one they really shouldn’t have. After much conflict, they managed to close the portal, and instructed a guardian to protect the dagger and prevent anyone from using it (note that pictograms eventually evolve into a proper alphabet). The civilisation then entered into a golden age, and the guardian became a cultural center-point, with celebrations being held every year in its name. The guardian was reportedly very fond of children, and vice-versa.
  • party comes to sleeping quarters, attempts unsuccessfully to collar some of the sleeping Berenyengi and manages to bluff their way out
  • enter kitchen, after managing to get some of the Berenyengi out with the promise of drugs, we collar the rest; unfortunately we find out that the collars aren’t working as well as they do outside the temple for some reason; Brandis also finds out that now removing collars kills the slaves
  • also unfortunately, we have raised the suspicions of some of the Berenyengi; after going through a storeroom we end up fighting, though the Berenyengi run off to warn the others
  • party heads down, goes through a ‘puzzle’ door (which the party quickly deciphers), get down to an altar; (upon going back to inspect the altar, which is actually a new altar bolted on top of an older one) Valaya is able do decipher the runes on it (despite not knowing the language) and know that it represents a chant; she also gets a very unsettling but familiar feeling, and the word ‘She’ pops into her head
  • puzzle door shuts behind party
  • moving on, party encounter a blowing blue pyramid set into the floor, which is obviously responsible for the slaves’ collars; Brandis is unable to divine anything about it, Gorgon’s and Æshan’s weapons pass straight through it, as does Brandis’ eldritch bolt (though thankfully one can physically interact with the device without anything bad happening); however slaves’ collars seem to magnetically attach themselves to the device, and nothing the party can do can separate them
  • moving on, the party comes to a wide open room, populated by a sphinx sitting on a chest, as well as two giant skeletal beings; this is sphinx is the aforementioned guardian, as is rather unimpressed with the party (as well as Cortez); one doorway out of the room is blocked by some kind of arcane trap, so the party heads out the only other exit …
  • to encounter Cortez himself! Cortez is performing some sort of experiment on two slaves who are laying on a stone tablet; about a dozen other slaves are being help in a cage; Gorgon and Æshan promptly charge Cortez, who promptly teleports to the other side of the room and sets the slaves on the party
  • the Rift Warriors triumph, after Cortez demonstrates his mastery of teleportation and portals, and Valaya demonstrates her disregard for slaves’ lives; the arcane traps guarding the doors disappear
  • the party drags Cortez’s body back to the Sphinx, whose opinion of the party improves; party finds out that Sphinx’s name is Rick (or at least that’s the name it gives); Rick used to enjoy the children riddling him until the children stopped coming, also Cortez was trying to figure out a way to teleport Rick out of the room, Rick was supposed to stop anyone using the dagger
  • after answering two out of three riddles, Rick allows the party access to the chest and disappears through a portal to an unknown destination
  • Brandis opens the chest to find the dagger, which is shaped like an Egyptian ankh; dagger appears to be inactive, but has ‘the potential for magic’


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