Session 8

Death is in the Eyes of the Beholder

  • session resumes with the party still in the ‘sphinx’ room, party moves down the previously blocked corridor
  • runes tell more of the civilisation’s decline: they sealed the area where the portals used to be, and assigned guardians to watch it; come to some runes that Valaya can’t decipher, but make her feel uneasy
  • party comes to a room with little of note besides a door with (slightly magical) runes that say “If you are wise, you will not pass”
  • naturally the party enters, and comes to the another door with another set of runs: “For the sake of those above, do not go below”
  • again the party enters, and they come to a large room with a movable floor (which is trapped, and can immobilise the party), and two brass golems!
  • after a vicious fight, the RW are triumphant and the golems have collapsed into little balls (Gorgon claims one)
  • a group of Berenyengi (cultists and slaves) arrives to harass the party, but quickly leave so that “the party can die in the depths”
  • party continues on, and faces a set of levers with the numbers 3, 2 and 4 above them; solution is in the classic sphinx’s riddle (indeed, when puzzle is solved the light momentarily goes out and reveals runes that say “The sphinx knows how to pass”)
  • the party then enters another room, with one terrified cultist … and one beholder!
  • Behaving very courteously, the beholder, Lord Quinaximillion invites the party to sit down (on chairs he creates); Brandis tries to bluff Quin, which fails spectacularly as Quin already knows that the party has killed Cortez
  • during the conversation, in which Quin dominates the cultists, he:
  • inquires about Brandis’ source of power
  • inquires about Valaya’s name; when she reveals it, Quin has a moment of recognition, but dismisses it saying that Valaya couldn’t be the same woman
  • insinuates that Lavok is in fact not the one in charge of the party
  • says that the party’s efforts to save the various planes will come to naught, as “She will be here soon”
  • Quin offers the party a chance to walk out, but the party does not take it, leading to one of its most deadly fights yet – Eli dies, but Valaya is able to bring him back, giving him a purple scar on his left hand
  • Unfortunately, Æshan also dies from the effects of the Quin’s abilities (though he gives an epic death speech)
  • the party also fails to kill Quin, as he escapes through a portal to a place with a sea of fire
  • the party finds an inactive portal, which Brandis further sabotages; they also find a bunch of Berenyengi, who also retreat through a portal
  • the party then heads back out through the temple, finding that the mysterious blue device has vamished, and the town in chaos as all the blue collars have detached and fallen of the thralls
  • the party exits the city, meets up with Lenith, and heads back to Tantron, with one fallen colleague …


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