Session 9

See, this is why no-one likes halflings

  • the campaign resumes with the party having taken their fallen teammate back to Tantron; after a brief discussion Lavok takes Æshan into a quiet area (after demonstrating the ability to have Tantron create new rooms within itself) to try and bring him back to life
  • one by one, the party retires to rest and they fall into a fitful sleep, where they all have to same dream of getting up, and walking to the place where portals typically appear
  • despite there not being a portal, each one of the party walks to and through the corresponding place in the wall … meanwhile, Lavok is sitting crosslegged with Æshan’s body; lights begin to envelop the room, and one light heads to the portal room and disappears into the wall …
  • the Rift Warriors all ‘wake up’ in the middle of a forest – but they are not in their own bodies, as they are apparently reliving/remembering (?) their past lives:
    • Æshan Valandier is Jonathan Fivestring, a bard (whose character is rather unchanged from Æshan …)
    • Brandis is Rowan Kensei, a Sword Saint with an avian companion called Idaho
    • Eli is Belreign the Quiet, a blind man with the power to manipulate the air
    • Gorgon is Artemis, a valiant war hero
    • Natalia is Samara, who we learn is in a relationship with Lavok
    • Valaya is … Valaya
  • also with the RW is Lavok (as he was when he was human) and a halfling called Gregor (who does nothing to improve any-one’s impressions of halflings)
  • after quite a few moments of confusion, Eli/Belreign informs everyone that they are experiencing their past lives; additionally, Valaya was/is one of the Berenyengi, being a high priestess of She (some being who is generally bad news); however Valaya has turned against the Berenyengi and is helping the party & co to fight them … somehow
  • the party heads through the woods and comes across a graveyard and church; a group of Berenyengi are there digging up graves, lead by a huge being made of webs, searching for something to do with an elephant …
  • after trying to cosy up to the Berenyengi, as they still seem to recognise Valaya’s high position of authority, Gregor ruins the surprise by attacking early
  • party eventually triumphs, and heads into the church; Gregor keeps prodding Valaya to get on with it, and after Brandis/Rowan reminding hey, Valaya says the chant that she remembered in the temple from the previous adventure
  • runes appear on an altar, and a portal opens up to another place …
  • the party & co appears in a large room, with a Berenyengi who appears to have the ability to split himself; this person (?) says that we weren’t expecting the party, and he splits into two people which head down separate corridors to ‘prepare’
  • Lavok and Gregor chase down one person, and the party heads down the other; in the following room the person opens up portal, and 3 winged creatures appear and fight the party, while the Berenyengi hurries on
  • after defeating the creatures, the party is trapped in another room, with poison gas flooding in, some sort of magical force field blocking the two exits and a spirit of a dead dragon attacking and possessing Æshan
  • after a long, long time the party kills the dragon spirit, stops the gas flooding the room and breaks through one of the force fields, and moves on …


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